T-Mobile announces BlackBerry Curve with WiFi, we check it out

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RIM decided (and we tend to agree) that it could improve upon the already solid BlackBerry 8300 Curve by adding GPS or WiFi — carrier’s choice — in the form of the 8310 and 8320, respectively. T-Mobile has announced today the release of the 8320 variant, offering @Home branded UMA service and speedy data to supplement T-Mobile’s EDGE network (in hotspot range, anyway) in your choice of “titanium” and carrier-exclusive “pale gold.” We’ve had a few minutes to play around with the champagne hued version, and with WiFi added into the Curve’s already solid mix, it pretty much goes without saying that this is the best BlackBerry yet. Setting up our wireless network on the Curve was a breeze, though we had some trouble keeping calls from dropping over an Airport Extreme; fortunately, T-Mobile’s offering up optimized Linksys routers for a song, and you can always set it up as a separate network if you can’t bear to tear down your 802.11a/n setup. We’ve heard some intermittent reports of Curves starting to show up in retail locations, but we can expect them to start shipping everywhere in early October. In the meantime, check out our hands-on gallery over on Engadget Mobile!

Update: T-Mobile’s bumped the release date up to today — no complaints here — at an on-contract price of $249.


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