iFixit digs deeper into iPod touch Bluetooth mystery — discovers 802.11a

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So you all remember that not-so-conclusive iFixit teardown of the iPod touch right? The one we all hoped would bring an end to those Bluetooth rumors once and for all. Well, they’ve updated their findings at our request with more information about the WiFi chipset. What they found was a Marvell W8686B22 802.11a/b/g WiFi system-on-chip inside. Yes, 802.11a according to iFixit, which on its own is interesting since Apple only claims b/g support. The iPhone you’ll recall, has a similar Marvell W8686B13 for WiFi and separate CSR 41B14 BlueCore4ROM chip providing the Bluetooth. Of course others like Wi2Wi, have integrated the Marvell WiFi die with Bluetooth for their own single-chip solutions. However, in that case we’d expect to see Wi2Wi branding on the chipface. There are also a few unidentified chips sporting Apple logos which iFixit could not identify. So what’s the answer? Nobody knows. As unlikely as it may be, iFixit contends that they, “cannot confirm nor deny the presence of Bluetooth in this device.”


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