Sony Ericsson’s president steps down, apparently on good terms

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Leaving analysts just a little baffled, Sony Ericsson president Miles Flint has stepped down after three years of fairly successful leadership. The consensus among members of the financial community seems to be that there’s absolutely no way Flint was forced out; under his command, Sony Ericsson has seen consistent profitability and a steady increase in its market share (North America excepted, we might passive-aggressively note). The ex-prez says that he’s looking to expand his horizons after 17 years under the Sony and Sony Ericsson brands, while Sony Electronics USA chairman Hideki Komiyama has been tapped to fill the huge shoes left behind. Analysts seem pretty convinced that he’ll have a tough time doing any better than his predecessor, noting that low-end handsets seem like the next logical step to market share dominance despite the segment’s virtually nonexistent margins. Might we recommend more North American love, Komiyama-san?

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