California senate votes to block mandatory RFID in employees

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It’s already taken aim at mandatory RFID tracking of students, and now the California state senate is looking to ban the chips from being forced upon employees of all sorts across the state. According to The Los Angeles Times, the new bill specifically bans mandatory RFID implants, and doesn’t appear to encompass RFID technology used in cards or badges. While he called RFID “a minor miracle, with all sorts of good uses,” State Senator Joe Simitian (who first proposed the measure) said that “we shouldn’t condone forced ‘tagging’ of humans. It’s the ultimate invasion of privacy.” Nine senators apparently disagreed, however, including Bob Margett who called the measure a “solution looking for a problem.” That opinion seems to have been unable to stop the tide of anti-RFID sentiment, however, and the bill is now just one signature away from becoming law.

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