NME fleshes out 40GB HD VMD discs, hardware, still prepping for launch

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New Medium Enterprises has been trying to get its VMD platform for high def optical discs out the door since late 2004, but we haven’t heard much solid. In the grand tradition of vaporous, cut-rate consumer electronics, NME’s publishing some puffy PR with terms like “The New Definition of High Definition” and “True High Definition”. What are they offering? Well, supposedly a budget player’s in the works that will play 1080i/p video for €179 ($250), upscale DVDs, and offers 45Mbps video (codecs go unmentioned) and 7.1 surround, region-free media, and a totally blockbuster lineup of Bollywood and Hollywood titles, including Mel Gibson classic “Apocalypto,” and “Passion of the Christ”. Color us totally impressed. No, really.


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