Microsoft lays down smack on AutoPatcher service, users not pleased

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Let’s face it, even those who do like using Windows (us included) aren’t too fond of Windows Update — and don’t even get us started on what sysadmins have to go through keeping Windows boxes up to date (yeah, we used to do that too). Which is why we’re so glad there’s always a healthy 3rd party ecosystem in place to help fill in the gaps and get users get what they need and how they need it. Like AutoPatcher, the popular Windows Update substitute that’s been around for the last four years. Well, kiss it goodbye. The AutoPatcher team is reporting that Microsoft has laid down the smack on them and their ops, demanding the immediate shutdown of the service. We understand it’s kind of dubious (if not outright illegal) to redistribute Microsoft’s code (in the form of Windows update patches), but try though we might, we just can’t see what damage these guys are doing to Microsoft — only good — so we’ve got our fingers crossed the AP guys can figure out a way to re-enable service without future infringement. Won’t someone please think of the chil — sysadmins?

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