Nissan’s Mixim all-electric concept car

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We’ve seen a lot of all-electric cars come and go, but scant few from the major automotive manufacturers — aside from the EV1, of course — so Nissan’s Mixim concept caught our eye with more than just its swoopy lines . The tiny hatchback weighs just 2100 pounds and clocks in at a tiny 145 inches end-to-end — but inside that diminutive shell you’ll find seats for three, a lithium-ion battery pack and two Nissan “Super Motors” that provide the Mixim with all-wheel-drive. Since it’s a concept, it’s got to have a crazy interior, and and the central driving position and video game-influenced controls don’t disappoint — welcome to Blade Runner, kids. The Mixim is just a concept, but here’s hoping the next all-electric car from a major manufacturer we hear about will be ready for the street.

[Via GizMag]


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