Commercial X-clamp fix for red-ringed 360s: mostly new screws

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Warranty extension or not, the widespread nature of Xbox 360 failures pretty much guaranteed that it was only a matter of time before a third party stepped forward with a commercial fix. The X-Clamp Fix from Next Generation seems to the be first of these solutions available, although it’s certainly not as simple as we would have expected. Consisting of some replacement screws and washers, the $15 kit helps you tighten down your GPU heatsink, possibly resetting your GPU in the process, a strategy modders have been using to escape the red ring of death for some time now. Probably worth a look if you’re unable to get warranty service and the other wing-and-a-prayer fixes don’t work for you, but the kit looks like it involves pretty significant disassembly — we’d recommend picking up the phone and begging for an RMA first. Check the world’s most boring installation video after the break.

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