Rainbow Audio unveils sleek iPaul line of car audio amplifiers

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The almighty “i” prefix has somehow bled all the way over to the car audio realm, as Rainbow Audio has now glossed up a couple of amps and thrown ’em in the iPaul lineup. The iPaul 4.300 can put out 4 x 90-watts when ran at 4-ohms or 2 x 270-watts when bridged to two-channels, while the less powerful iPaul 2.400 outputs 2 x 130-watts at 4-ohms and takes up quite a bit less space. Both units sport a black / silver motif, obvious Apple influence, and of course, several levels of bass boost to keep the junk in the trunk appropriately jacked. Both amplifiers look to be available as we speak, and while the little fellow will run you £249.99 ($496), the 4.300 rings up at £299.99 ($596).

[Via Audio Junkies]


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