Caption Contest: poultry vs. robot in a duel to the death

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We’re told this type of battle is indeed legal in certain corners of the universe, but we honestly never thought we’d see the day when a gallinaceous bird came to the human’s side to fend off the impending robotic takeover.

Ryan: “That sound? Seth Green and Adult Swim filing suit over the Robot Chicken trademark.”
Thomas: “Quit your cock blocking and fight!”
Darren: “These wooden posts are such lame excuses for adequate prostheses.”
Paul: “Look, I know you’re scared. We’re all scared. But if robots and robo-chickens can’t learn to live in harmony, we might as well just let the humans have the earth all to themselves.”
Evan: “Not surprisingly, the martial arts sequel to Howard the Duck tanked at the box office.”
Don: “2019: Despite repeated protests from People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots, the title bout between Robo Chicken and BD “Boxy Hands” 209 went on as planned.”
Josh: “I love you!” — “It’ll never work!”


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