V1-8CAM video analysis system helps golfers nab the right clubs

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Granted, this week may be a bit too warm to walk a round of 18 in many parts of the country, but Interactive Frontiers is hoping that you can beat the heat by figuring out exactly what clubs you’ll need for your next outing. The firm, which created the V1 Pro Digital Coaching System, is now introducing the V1-8CAM to “simultaneously capture eight angles of video streams” of individuals practicing their swing. Subsequently, fitters can use the data to “more precisely evaluate performance and determine optimal club and putter specifications for clients,” and just in case your local pro shop isn’t ready to hand over the $11,945 required to pick one up, the four-camera V1-4CAM can still help out for “just” $8,495.

[Via LetsGoDigital]


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