SMS Technology shipping the M500 watch phone on August 31st?

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We’ll admit, there’s a few sects who’ve already crossed SMS Technology’s M500 watch phone off as vaporware in its finest form, but apparently, the firm is finally coming through on its most recent declaration. Yep, those wearable phones the company has been promising all this time are finally shipping soon, at least, we think. According to the company, “the final version of the M500 production model has been given full clearance to be supplied with full metal strap bracelets,” and it sounds like deliveries should begin within a month. Furthermore, the final production model sports a longer stylus, a battery upgrade, and a few software tweaks including support for POP3 email and IM. Hang tight, the “global retail launch” is slated for September 10th, with the keyword here being “slated.”

[Via PMPToday]


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