NVIDIA stuffs four Quadro FX 5600 GPUs into 1U server

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Yeah, we all agreed that the Quadro Plex 1000 was hot stuff in its heyday, but NVIDIA‘s latest GPU server blows away prior iterations by cramming four Quadro FX 5600s into a 1U enclosure. The Quadro Plex VCS Server packs a “record number” of GPUs into a 1U form factor, and its 6GB frame buffer (1.5GB per GPU) and mind-boggling computational abilities should please those interested in remote graphics / offline rendering. Additionally, it’s built to “dynamically allocate compute, geometry, shading, and pixel processing power for optimized GPU performance,” and while there’s no mention of a price, those actually in the market for this beast probably aren’t concerned.

[Via MacsimumNews]


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