Fisher-Price Easy Link controls kids’ access to online thrills

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Limiting your kids’ access to the treacherous internet isn’t exactly a terrible idea, and while we highly doubt your three-year old would put itself in the path of a MySpace stalker, the Easy Link makes absolutely sure. This kid-friendly gaming platform aims to provide “a safe internet experience that locks kids into age-appropriate sites and won’t let them click into files on the computer,” and enables the youngster to launch select web portals depending on the character key they place into the “launch pad.” Of note, you will need a Windows-based computer with a spare USB port, a connection to the ‘net, and Internet Explorer 6.0+ in order to get things running properly, and while this will probably just teach your kid how to circumvent adult-instituted boundaries sooner than usual, it doesn’t look like a bad option for just $30.

[Via USAToday, thanks Aaron]


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