Researchers developing humor-spotting robot

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Considering that we’ve got androids who can toss together a more cohesive conversation than some human counterparts, it’s a wonder that these mechanical pals still can’t chuckle at our jokes. Now, however, a duo of researchers at the University of Cincinnati have built a computer program “that is able to get a specific type of joke, one whose crux is a simple pun.” By loading up a database of words and then using relational programming to detect when a pun-involved joke is uttered, the bot can respond by laughing out loud and creeping any bystanders completely out. The inventors admit that the creature still misses out on some punch lines and still can’t detect a broad range of humor, but future advancements could add some serious life to those drab home healthcare bots who will inevitably be fixing our oatmeal and keeping us company.


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