Acturion’s Victum Tablet 8 is the UMPC for soldiers of fortune

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Thinking about heading out into some harsh territory, really getting down and dirty, or seriously roughing it? Well don’t you think you should take a ruggedized UMPC with you, just in case you need to update your Myspace profile while you’re gone? That’s where the intimidatingly named Acturion Victum Tablet 8 comes in. The company, which is a specialized military and industrial vendor, says that the 8.4-inch, Windows or Linux rocking tablet is resistant against drop, shock, vibration, high and low temperature, rain, and dust and sand, which should make it the perfect companion on those cold, lonely nights. The Victum features a low-voltage 1.2GHz Pentium M processor, up to 1.25GB of RAM, a 40GB or 80GB hard drive, and 802.11a/b/g. The war-ready tablet gets a whopping seven hours of battery life, which we’re pretty sure Jack Bauer will appreciate.

[Via Tablet PC Talk]


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