Polycom’s HDX 4000 HD video conferencing system

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We weren’t exactly enthralled with Polycom’s other all-in-one video conferencing machine, but a lot can change in three years. The newly revamped iteration, dubbed the HDX 4000, claims to be the “first executive desktop video system with HD voice, video, and content sharing.” Designed to play nice with most standards-based, IP video conferencing systems, this unit sports a 20-inch widescreen display, built-in HD camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability, dual HDX microphones, speakers and subwoofer, an HDX video conferencing codec, and a stand with an integrated keypad that “allows users to dial or answer video calls just like a telephone.” Depending on bandwidth, this system enables you to watch and send 720p content at 30fps (or 480p if you snag the HDX 4001), and while you aren’t likely to justify this purchase for your home, $7,999 isn’t a whole lot to ask when sprucing up the corporate boardroom.

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