Dragontech’s ioBox-1000, your own private network

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Have you ever dreamt of having your own, self-contained network in your house or office? Have you ever wanted to take full control of every aspect of a network — banning, blocking, adding, limiting and deleting whomever you choose? Well listen pal, your egomaniacal dreams are about to come true, thanks to the ioBox-1000, a “network appliance” from Hong Kong-based Dragontech. Designed to eliminate servers and “centralize” networks, the company’s odd looking purple box does a little of everything. The system, which acts as a wireless router, firewall, and VPN, as well as a mail, FTP and printer server, can also house your own, quasi-unique domain names (blank.ioboxusers.com), and includes a p2p blocker for when you really want to put the kibosh on your worker’s / children’s fun. The mysterious Dragontech claims all this power can be yours for less than $5 a day, which, assuming they mean $4.99, is $1821.35 per year. Enjoy, root.


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