Philips SPD5130 external hard drive hits 1TB

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Philips certainly isn’t the first company to shove 1TB of storage into some form of external enclosure, but the recently-unveiled SPD5130 does manage to strip the NAS niceties and add an eSATA interface all the while. Of course, users can still plug this one in via USB 2.0, and everyone should appreciate the 32MB included buffer for “enhanced transfer stability.” Externally, the 1TB drive is wrapped in a thick aluminum shell that should protect it from minor battles, touts a one-click backup button, and it even includes an intelligent power management feature that powers it up and down with the PC it is attached to. Reportedly, the SPD5130 should be available to customers in Europe and the US pretty soon, and while we haven’t seen anything official just yet, we’re hearing that it’ll run €449 across the pond and $499 here on American soil.

[Via Pocket-Lint]


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