Panasonic has a 7-millimeter thick DVD burner

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If you were wondering who’s responsible for the super-slim burner that allows Toshiba’s waifish Portege R500 sub-notebook to sport an optical drive in such a small enclosure — and who wasn’t, really? — it seems that Akihabara News has solved this non-mystery by outing Panasonic’s seven-millimeter thick DVD writer as the guilty party. At only 99 grams heavy as well, the unnamed spinner reportedly stomps all over the previous record holder for slimmest notebook drive, which measured a relatively-bloated 9.5 millimeters from top to bottom. You’ll probably be seeing this model all over the place soon enough; in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised (well, maybe we would) if Samsung stuffs one into the first revision of the Q1 Ultra. or Mr. Hawkins employs it to add some value to the critically-panned Foleo.


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