BeBook e-book reader makes its debut, doesn’t run BeOS

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If you can get past the tinge of disappointment in learning that something named the BeBook isn’t actually the BeOS-based laptop you’ve been waiting for all these years, you may be only slightly less disappointed to know that it’s another fairly ordinary and somewhat overpriced e-book reader. Coming in at a hefty €330 (or $510), this one ditches newfangled features like built-in WiFi or EV-DO, with it choosing instead to focus on basic features like a six-inch E Ink display, 512MB of internal memory, and an SD card slot for expansion. You’ll also get support for all the usual document and image formats, as well as some basic MP3 playback functionality. If that somehow sounds like the e-book reader you’ve been waiting for, you can order one now and get free worldwide shipping.

[Via Gadget Lab]

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