2 thoughts on “Dope Wars Booster Firefox Extension Update 0.2”

  1. Could not install the booster script or autogrow or chickenfoot. it tells me there were errors in the installation and to consult the error log. The error log says the following errors:

    Expected declaration but found ‘!’. Skipped to next declaration.

    Unknown property ‘filter’. Declaration dropped.

    e.location.getItemLocation(e.id) has no properties.

    I have done everything as instructed from the website and the video, so can someone plase help me with this. Thanks!


  2. sorry guys, i sorted out that problem. it was my firefox, i had to delete my cache coz it was corrupt, but i got the autogrow to work now. but the links for all boosters are no longer valis and the latest one doesn’t work properly. it load but does not deal. the threads come apart. i think there are bugsin that version. Please let me know when you got a stable version guys. Many thanks!

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