Symwave demoes FireWire 1600 gear

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The 1394 Trade Association is already talking up FireWire S3200, but Symwave is taking baby steps, demonstrating a 1.6Gbps system known as S1600 (shocking) that’s backwards-compatible with FireWire 800 and 400 this week at a conference in China. That’s great and all — transferring 1000 four megapixel images in five seconds sure sounds like a good time — but speeds like that probably aren’t going to cut it when FireWire 800 devices are already thin on the ground, everyone’s looking forward to S3200, and the 4.8Gbps USB 3.0 spec is already making appearances on schedule for a launch in 2010. Not to mention that Wireless USB 1.1’s target speed is 1.0Gbps — you know we’ll take a slight speed hit if we can ditch the cables.

[Via PC World; Warning: PDF read link]


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