LG touchscreen UI contest ends… in a racecar?

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We’re not sure how LG managed to hold a touchscreen UI design contest with a $14K prize without telling anyone, but it certainly did — and keeping things on the DL probably explains why “Driving,” pictured above, was the winning entry. The “Art in Mobile” contest started last December in Korea, and the 10 winning entries will see their creations actually turned into functional phone interfaces. There’s not much info on the other nine winners, but apparently one is called “Sixty Seconds” and is designed to stall for a minute before connecting a call so you can browse photos and check messages. Uh, yeah — if our phones were taking a minute to connect calls, we’d have a bigger problem than the UI. Seriously, LG, next time you want some consumer input on phone interfaces, we think we might know some people with ideas.

[Via Unwired View]

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