IO Data unveils DiXiM HVL4-G2.0 NAS for Regza HDTVs

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IO Data took the wraps off of a new HDD unit made specifically to attach to those new Regza ZH500s, the DiXim HVL4-G2.0 is compliant with the latest DLNA / DTCP-IP standards to easily record TV shows via the network. It’s got space for four drives up to a maximum capacity of 2 TB in a RAID 5 array, limiting recording space to a max of 1.5 TB. Because of copy protection, it only records from Toshiba’s TVs right now, and can be controlled completely via remote. Doubt we’ll be seeing this here anytime soon, but it’ll be on store shelves in Japan later this month for 111,615 ($1,090 US).

[Via AV Watch]


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