Researchers turn brushing your teeth into child’s play

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Kids — they hate brushing their teeth. Sure, we try and show them pictures of zombie faces and toothless seniors, but it just doesn’t work. Finally, someone has come up with a solution to the problem: make it fun. Researchers at the National Taiwan University have devised a scheme which turns brushing your teeth into a webcam-tracked video game. Using an LED-studded toothbrush, a camera mounted above a mirror, and an LCD display, kids can watch plaque and debris get annihilated from a cartoon mouth while they scrub their choppers. The system is able to track detailed, three-demensional movement of the child’s hand, covering 24 separate areas of the mouth. Kids who tested the system were found to brush twice as well as those who hadn’t used it, but were also extremely cocky about their perfect teeth. Check the video after the break to see the magic happen.

[Via Gizmo Watch]

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