Cancer patient has PSP stolen en route to chemotherapy treatment

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There’s depressing gaming stories, and then there are outright travesties. Unfortunately, this case falls squarely into the latter category, as a 7-year old cancer patient had his beloved PlayStation Portable swiped — right along with his medical records, a backpack full of medication, his games and even his homework — while en route to a chemotherapy treatment for a tumor in his brain. Apparently the boy’s family had stopped at a restaurant while traveling from Oklahoma to Texas, and while inside, thieves had their way with what was left inside the vehicle. Thankfully, authorities from the Dallas police department came to the rescue by purchasing a brand new PSP and raising over $1,000 to repurchase the goods that were lost, and as for the crooks, we’ll just trust karma to handle the rest.

[Via PSPFanboy, image courtesy of Flickr]


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