SanDisk launches Sansa Sessions — music distribution by microSD, what else

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SanDisk just dipped its toe into the digital content distribution waters with the launch of Sansa Sessions. Of course, this isn’t an on-line storefront, it’s flash-based naturally in support of SanDisk’s core business. As such, the US-based program relies upon microSD cards to distribute DRM-free tracks of unspecified quality from more than 50 “emerging artists” on more than 30 labels. At the moment, the featured artists include All Time Low, Ladytron, Magnet, Nada Surf, Of Montreal and The Coup. SanDisk has tied a free, 55 track microSD “sampler” card (of el cheapo 512MB capacity, presumably) to the purchase of its 8GB Sansa Fuze MP3 player. While the $0 cost and DRM-free aspects of Sansa Sessions are certainly appealing to us, this seems best fitted as a record / artist promotional tool than it does a replacement for web-based or over-the-air music distribution.


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