Dell’s M209X portable projector announced, reviewed: “better bring your sunglasses”

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Dell’s got another portable projector coming by way of its M209X. As successor to their 3400MP portable, the M209X weighs just 2.6-pounds yet pumps a rated 2000 ANSI lumens from VGA, S-Video, composite and HDMI connected sources. Available in the “next few weeks,” according to Dell, although review units have already hit the street. The cats at GCN rendered a 1,220-lumen image (1,100 at the corners) from 10 feet which they claim makes it suitable for impromptu presentations in almost any environment. It also includes a laser pointer and PowerPoint controls in the included remote control. Bottom line: the M209X offers “excellent performance” and portability for $999. Or so they say.

[Via About Projectors]

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