Toshiba: can’t beat them – could join them

T3 was today sniffing around at Toshiba’s top secret lair as the company attempted to switch the spotlight away from the smouldering remnants of HD-DVD Armageddon.

Inevitably, that’s all anyone else wanted to talk about, and questions soon got around to whether Tosh would extend now a reconciliatory hand to Blu-ray.

The skinny? Well, although it seems stand-alone Blu-ray players may not be on the agenda, we could soon be seeing the drives built into in Toshiba’s successful laptop ranges.

A spokesman for the company told us that “there are no plans at the moment” for individual players, but, rather mysteriously, that the company are “reviewing” their strategy for Blu-ray drives laptop computers.

Could that be the first hint that balance has finally been brought to the Hi-Def force and even Tosh has stopped feeling blue and started feeling Blu-ray?

Stay tuned folks