T-Mobile trials HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone in Seattle, Dallas

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Well, goodness, try saying that five times fast. T-Mobile has officially unveiled its rather longwinded “HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone” plan add-on for folks that aren’t quite ready to put their landlines out to pasture quite yet, though there’s a catch: much like the original, it’s beginning life as a trial in just a couple of test markets. Lucky folks in Seattle and Dallas will be able to march into their local T-Mobile outlet and pick up the long-rumored WRTU54G for $49.99 on contract, at which point $10 a month tacked onto their T-Mobile bill will allow them to jack in their old-school landline phones and get unlimited domestic calling. In the event they need a landline phone (o rly?) or are looking to upgrade their 70’s vintage AT&T Slimline, stores will also be offering this lovely DECT system from VTech to complete the package. There’s no word just yet on when we might see the hardware outside the test markets, but with landline popularity waning the way it is, we’d suggest they get a move on.


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