Hands-on with LeapFrog’s new edutainment lineup

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LeapFrog is virtually unchallenged in quite a few of its product lines, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing them down any. The company was showing off bunches of new product at Toy Fair 2008, with most of it newly designed to hook up to the computer and help parents keep better track of what their kids are learning with all these “toys.” Products like Tag — a reading pen similar to the FLY pentop — can tell parents what words kids are reading well, and how much time they spend with a book, while the new Leapster2 and Didj handhelds let parents track the curriculum the kids are running through — with the Didj even allowing parents to work in custom vocabulary lists or other subjects into their kid’s game of choice. Unfortunately, the LeapFrog2 suffers from same screen viewability woes of its predecessor, and both handhelds are quite chunky, but we did like the Didj’s screen and software, and that $90 pricetag is quite palatable.


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