Chumby gets big firmware update, general public now invited to buy

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Following a so-called “insider’s release” last year that targeted early adopters with beta software running on final-spec hardware, Chumby has finally completed and rolled out a somewhat massive firmware update for the plush lil’ buggers that adds significant functionality — significant enough, in fact, that they’re now being sold disclaimer-free to all comers. Besides a long, what’s-what list of bug fixes, the real draw in the new firmware is fairly comprehensive support for a variety of internet radio services, a feature that previous builds technically supported but had no user interface for (they are Linux-based, after all, and totally hackable). So yeah, if a cute touchscreen with an open-source platform, Flash player, and integrated speakers is just what the doctor ordered, you can pick one up now without the worry of pre-release software getting in your way for $179.95 in black, white, or “latte.”

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