Nintendo estimates it lost $975m worldwide in 2007 due to piracy

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We’re always a little skeptical of piracy impact numbers, especially when companies try to factor in things like “lost sales,” which can’t be adequately measured, but it’s still interesting to hear how large the hit is estimated to be — like Nintendo’s recent filing with the US Trade Representative that piracy cost it and its partners some $975m worldwide in 2007. Saying that the popularity of the Wii and DS makes Nintendo an “attractive target” for counterfeiters, the big N broke the problem down by region, highlighting its efforts to stem the tide and proposed solutions and regulations. We’d say that with profits soaring and plenty of people clamoring for hard-to-find systems, Nintendo could probably get back a little of that cash by finally getting some boxes on shelves instead of pushing for new laws, but hey — even Mario’s lawyers probably get sick of being paid in mushrooms.

[Image courtesy of Nick Cueva]


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