Hydromatic debuts “revolutionary” Dryer Miser clothes dryer technology

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It’s far from an out-of-the-box solution that some green(er) dryers are, but the folks at Hydromatic Technologies think their new “Dryer Miser” technology is the cure for all your clothes drying woes, and the most energy efficient solution short of hanging ’em out to dry. The key to that, it seems, is the system’s reliance on hydronic technology, which consists of a specially-engineered fluid that gets heated up in a self-contained system to dry the clothes. That apparently not only cuts the energy consumption of the dryer by up to 50 percent, but actually cuts the drying time by up to 41 percent as well. As you can see above, however, it’s not exactly the most elegant solution, and according to the company, it’ll initially only be available as an after-market kit that’ll need to be installed by a qualified technician. No word on what it’ll cost though, but the company is shooting for it to be available in the fall of this year.

[Via I4U News, image courtesy of Gizmag]


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