How would you change the Apple TV (take 2)?

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Yeah, the Apple TV (take 2) update took a bit longer than promised to actually arrive on the scene, but now that it’s available for existing ATV owners to chew on, we’re interested in hearing from its toughest critics. Rumors of Apple finally enabling some sort of HD movie / television show download service had been making the rounds for what seemed like ages, and after months of waiting for a move to be made, take 2 made its debut under the shadow of the MacBook Air.

Aside from finally offering up 1080p support and giving users the ability to rent HD flicks (though only some with Dolby Digital 5.1), the v2.0 upgrade changed up the look and added in Flickr integration. Granted, the innards here have remained the same, but we’re not just interested in finding out what you adore / detest about the newest update. Oh no — we’re also curious to know how you think the existing hardware is handling its new duties. Has anything slowed down? Are you still (or were you ever) satisfied with the port assortment? Have you found yourself itching to downgrade? We know, software updates as substantial as this one hardly ever never leave everyone happy, and while we’ve done some sizing up of our own in regard to HD quality, how would you like to see things tweaked for take 3?


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