Video: First look at the LG KF700

LG are touting the KF700 slider as the world’s first mobile with three input/navigation methods. So what are they?

Well the 2008 MWC was the year that everyone got their touch on and LG sure didn’t let us down. The KF700 has a slick, although not particularly quick, touchscreen interface that emits a pleasant vibration in response to your tap – the latter being a particularly nice touch.

You can pan across the screen and scan through your contacts – a la the iPhone – as well as the keypad-like functionality of the 3-inch, wide-ratio touchscreen.

Second of this heralded trio, comes the navigation click wheel. As well as cycling through contacts and menus, it also can be activated as a shortcut to your favourite applications. This real-time widget works particularly well as it saves the hassle of trawling back through the screens to access, say, your contacts.

Finally comes the keypad. Wait, we’re counting the keypad? Yes, OK? we’re counting the keypad. Well that’s nothing to post a myspace bulletin about really.

The phone has a pretty standard 3mp camera, but it does interact very well when using the touch screen to view and organise your pictures.

So have a gander at the video – it’s our fifth this week from MWC – leave a comment and let us know what you think. Which handset has been the King of the Congress for you?