Lego-a-like mobile!

So you’re getting tired of your phone, but don’t want to shell out for a new one. Well soon you’ll be able to change it completely, without spending a fortune.

It’s called modu, and is the world’s first modular phone. Want to turn it into a music mobile? Just slide it into the boombox casing, complete with speaker.

What about transforming it into a satnav? No problem. Like the Lego bricks of our youth, just bolt on extras to the core device. And as new ones come out, theoretically the number of phones you can have is limitless.

Extras touted at present include MP4 players, digital photo frames, cameras and DECT phones. Those signed-up to make the modu ‘jackets’ (skin-like enclosures) and modu ‘mates’ (electronic devices you slide it into) include Blaupunkt and Universal Music Group.

“What modu have done is incredible,” said Rob Wells, Senior Vice President, Digital, Universal Music Group International. “Their revolutionary platform has opened up mobile phones to new music products and services that simply didn’t exist before modu came along.”

So when will modu come along? Expect it and Universal’s range of jackets based on their artists to land on the shelves around October time. Forget the N96, this is every phone you’ve ever dreamed of in one. Check it out at the link below.