Apple finally delivers Take 2 update

Hold the front page! Apple has finally dropped what it calls Apple TV Take 2, otherwise know as their second attempt at collaring the streamer market.

The new edition ties in with iTunes Movie Rentals, something that us UK film lovers won’t be getting our hands on until later this year.

If you’ve got one of Cupertino’s silver boxes under your telly, you can get the free update right now, downloading it via your gogglebox.

The system’s been given a complete makeover, with a whole new interface, full YouTube access and the chance to look at all the vids stashed on your Mac, as well as rental goodies.

The box still costs £199 for the 40GB version, £269 for the weightier 160GB model.

Now all we need is Apple to give us a launch date for rental movies and up its frankly weak offering of US tellies on iTunes here in Blighty. Come on guys, we’re desperate.