Video: The Samsung pocket projector

With all the furore of Monday’s mobile madness, this potential pocket gem passed us by. When we finally greeted the MBP-100 projector it gave us a well-deserved boot in the pills for our folly.

We’ve kissed and made up now, and as you can see from our video footage of Samsung’s latest gizmo, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Upon it’s forthcoming release in Korea, Sammy predict this mini-marvel – which fits comfortably in your average-sized jacket pocket – will be the smallest projector on the planet at just 7cm (top left to bottom right) and just 2.6cm thick.

The projector pumps out VGA content from your mobile phone at 10 ANSI Luminem, to a maximum screen size of 50″, making it ideal for taking your movies on the road and projecting them wherever you can find a nice white space. We could have done with one of these babies in our Barcelona hotel to relieve us of all these Spanish sitcoms.

It has the added bonus of an AV input socket, meaning you can hook the MBP-100 up to any media playing device with an AV port. DVD players, portable media players, camcorders and of course mobile phones – the choice is yours.

The little ripper boasts a 2-3 hour battery life and a tiny 0.5 watt speaker built in, as well as a headphone/speaker jack for some surround sound awesomeness.

It’s out in March or April in the Far East, it will cost between £100 and £150 and it kicks bottom.