The H2GO RC racer with fuel-cell power plant — a panacea?

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The achilles heel of RC racers has always been the battery. A few minutes of play after hours of charging is no way to waste the sacred years of youth — we have video games for that. Now this race fans, the H2GO racer fueled by hydrogen cartridges from Horizon Fuel Cell. Produced by Corgi International, the clean running H2GO is designed by the slightly mad, Red White Barron of design — Luigi Colani — and ships with a water refueling station, solar panel, and remote control. Details are otherwise frustratingly scarce. Though we can assume that the car features water-activated HydroPak Mini prototype cells and will easily cost a couple of Benjamins by the time it goes production. Unfortunately, that would be sometime in late 2008 or 2009 based on Horizon Fuel Cell’s earlier estimates of commercial fuel cell availability. Oh, the agony.


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