Palm gets down to business

Business types, it’s time to finish your spreadsheets and get excited. Palm is dropping their neat Centro smartie right here in the UK.

Running on Palm’s own OS 5.4.9, rather than the Windows flavoured system they’ve been favouring with the likes of the Treo, the Centro is already a hit Stateside.

Now you can snag one over here for a penny shy of 200 nicker, minus a SIM card of course.

That’ll get you a fairly puny 1.3-meg camera and no 3G, but if you’re after an email work horse, then this is the phone for you. Palm’s messaging system is dead easy to use and something we’ve been fans of here at T3 Towers for some time now.

You get a chat style view, so none of that farting about trying to find old messages. The thread’s right there in front of you.

It also has support for 4GB SD cards, so you can stack away up to 1,000 tunes if it takes our fancy too.