The spice gun asks, “Do you feel hungry, punk?”

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Yeah, it’s no Spice Weasel, but we’re pretty sure this product concept would feel right at home in an episode of Futurama. That’s right kids, it’s the spice gun — a handy device which would allow you to gun down your food in cold-blooded flavor. To use this killer, you’d lock and load the barrel with a selection of your deadliest spices, then simply spin it — Dirty Harry style — to switch up ammo. We could go on all day with clever turns of phrase describing how much “kick” this thing has, suggestions that you load it up with radish-piercing bullets, and cautionary messages like, “Never point the spice gun at a steak unless you intend to season it,” but we’ll spare you the pain. Oh, whoops.

[Via Uber-Review]


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