Microsoft ups ante in Google fight

Microsoft has announced it’s getting into bed with music giant Sony BMG and MTV, in order to bulk up its somewhat wanting MSN Video channel.

The site already offers a cleaned up, ad heavy, alternative to YouTube, but it seems these latest deals are part of the Big M’s growing efforts to stifle Google’s web domination.

The move comes only a few days after Gates and co put in a not-too-shabby $44 billion offer for Yahoo, something which Google says raises issues about competition online.

The new deal will see the likes of tiresome Beadles About wannabe show Punk’d and, erm, Pimp My Ride, head onto the channel.

There’ll also be room for videos by up and coming and existing Sony BMG artists.

As for whether this’ll take on and beat YouTube, we doubt it. But it’s pretty clear that Microsoft won’t give up easily on its grand web plans.