3 and O2 pal up for EyeVibe

It’s not often big, ‘orrible mobile networks get it on. But 3 and O2 have just announced their coming together to launch an all new mobile video site that gives its contributors cash.

It’s called EyeVibe and fuses 3’s SeeMeTV and O2’s LookAtMe at the hip. The new offering will follow the same principle of fronting up 10% of the revenue of each clip to the vain, mobile-loving, makers.

Both sides say the plan is to make video sharing as uniform and ubiquitous as texts and MMS, with each download only costing 10p to 3 and O2 punters.

The snag is that if you’re on another network, you’ll get clobbered for the data transfer too, unless you’re on a flat rate data package.

While 3’s representative told us that, “…fundamentally we’d love it to be available to all” and that they were, “…encouraging plans to make it cross operator,” it seems that their dreams of SMS style domination are a long way off.

Still, the new site looks pretty neat and is a cool way to claw some cash back, You’ve Been Framed style, from your shaky N95-made vids. You can get involved by texting your masterpieces to 60300 and quoting clip. Off you toddle then.