TiVo killing off the Series3, focusing on TiVo HD?

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When we forced the TiVo HD and Series3 to go mano-a-mano back in October of last year, we had a sneaking suspicion that the latter was actually no longer being produced. Fast forward (har) three months, and sure enough, it seems that the end really is nigh for the Series3. According to TiVo Lovers (who heard directly from DVRupgrade), TiVo is accelerating the EOL (end of life) of the Series3 and “focusing all efforts on the recently launched, lower cost TiVo HD.” Apparently, the firm managed to sell through oodles of Series3 boxes over the holidays (thanks in large part to a sizable rebate-based promotion), and rather than searching for creative ways to solve the “continued component shortage,” TiVo is reportedly choosing to nudge potential customers in the direction of the TiVo HD. Granted, we’d still take this with a (light) dose of salt for the time being, but don’t be shocked to see Series3 stock start dwindling in the coming weeks.

[Via TVSquad, thanks Brad L.]


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