Olympus’ new FE series hands-on

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As the press release last week made clear, Olympus did a refresh across its lineup for PMA. We’ll hit up the entry-level, ultra-compact FE series here. Across the board, the FE-310, FE-340 and FE-350 get treated to an 8-megapixel sensor and LCDs ranging from 2.5 – 3-inches. The FE-350 trades off the 5x zoom for 4x, but you get a 28-mm wide angle perspective on the world, if that’s your sort of thing. And the “HyperCrystal” LCDs were certainly bright, we’ll give them that. One definite theme we’re seeing in digicams now is the inclusion of face detection, and the FE-series is in on the party there, too.


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