Garmin unveils the Nuviphone

Garmin has peeled back the wrapping on its very own super smart blower, the Nuviphone. The iPhone is clearly in its sights, with a touch sensitive screen and a stack of Apple beating features.

The screen’s a hefty 3.5-inches across, matching Infinite Loop’s effort. However, Apple gets a serious smackdown when it comes to the innards.

We’re talking HSDPA, WiFi and, naturally, full-on satnav, something which Steve Jobs can only dream of.

On top of that we’re looking at complete multimedia maven, with camera and music and video playback.

Okay, we’ve seen so-called iPhone beaters before, but this one really has come out of the leftfield.

Garmin is offering no word when it comes to price, only saying that they’ll be letting it out into the wild later this year.

As soon as we get any more news (and we expect of gossip over the next few months), we’ll be serving it right up to you gadget hungry lot.