WithView’s HM-U500 do-it-all handles DMB, makes Americans envious

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Yeah, we Americans have some pretty fancy toys to play with, but we still can’t help but feel a touch slighted each time one of these beauties emerges from South Korea. WithView’s HM-U500 sports a whole lot of screen and not much bezel, an ultrathin design and a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 resolution panel. Reportedly, the unit is available in 4GB and 8GB iterations and features an SD expansion slot, built-in camera, a kickstand, headphone jack, a T-DMB tuner, e-dictionary, and support for MP3, WMV, OGG, JPG, BMP, PNG and AVI file formats. No word on a price or anything, but for the US crowd who can’t just hop on the next flight to Seoul to pick one up, we’re probably better off not knowing.

[Via TheGadgetSite]


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