Roberts reveals RD41 DAB radio: high on features, low on style

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Nah, Roberts’ RD41 isn’t quite as minuscule as its RD49, but unfortunately, it’s essentially just as ugly. Taking a few notes from tableside radios circa 1990 (and sadly, today as well), Roberts has crafted a fairly well-spec’d DAB iteration that also does FM on the side, can record to an SD card and touts a dozen alarms that can wake even the most notorious slumberer. You’ll also find MP3 / WMA playback from the SD card, rewind and pause functions, scrolling text about the station you’re tuned into and audio in / out sockets to boot. Word on the street pegs this one at £139.99 ($277), but we’d recommend hiding it somewhere good before company shows up.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]


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